Buy Indoor Play Systems with Multiple Attractions for the Price of One!

2-in-1, 3-in-1 and 5-in-1 Playgrounds

Our modular indoor play system designs make it easy to design, budget, manufacture and install an indoor soft contained playground to fit your space and budget objectives quickly. KidSteam can design a modular soft contained play system to fit your objectives, space constraints and budget within forty eight hours (whether it is 200sq ft or 2000sq ft).

Whether the indoor playground is the main attraction for your business or an added customer benefit supporting your other products and services (e.g. retail, restaurant or health club) we will design a unique indoor play system based on your needs and budget constraints.

Kid’s love our hand pedal train kiddie ride. The kid powered kiddie ride comes standard with most modular indoor playground designs (900 sq ft;80 kid capacity) at no additional charge. 

Combine additional soft contained playground equipment components such as climbs, slides, bridges and other unique indoor playground attractions for a unique experience that will increase repeat business, membership and birthday party income.

The standard modular indoor play system is oriented so that smaller children play near the bolster,second floor, and exit using a straight slide (adds 200sqft). Modular toddler indoor playground units may be added easily to our soft contained playground equipment. The kid powered ride can be used by all ages including parents with the addition of an adult car. Seven foot ceilings provide for easy employee and parent access with great line of site throughout the indoor playground. Older kids typically play on the third level and use the corkscrew slide that exits the rear of the system

Add soft contained playground equipment attractions  (basketball, zip lines, shooting galleries) to the indoor playgrounds to broaden playability appeal to older kids and parents. It is important the indoor play system design incorporates attractions with broad appeal so that your investment in the main anchor activity reaches the broadest customer base. So keep your customers longer with our unique indoor play systems that incorporate anchor attractions for all ages to enjoy.

Have Entertainment for the Kids?

Indoor Playgrounds for Retail and Health Clubs

We design indoor play systems that will conserve your expensive retail space, work within current facility designs-budgets and entertain the kids; so you can provide your services to your customers “the parents”.

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This 16X12X9 commercial indoor play system is packed with small soft play events, has good line of site into the system for parents, and will work without modifying most ceiling heights. This will keep the kids engaged so that you can entertain the parents. Multi-site volume discounts available.

Does your indoor playground project have space-budget constraints?

Get More into Smaller Spaces for Your Money

Sometimes having adequate space for the indoor playground is difficult in FEC’s between three to six thousand square feet. Facilities built in non traditional retail environments may be long and narrow. Designing indoor play systems with proper flow, egress and playability becomes essential while not “breaking the bank”. KidSteam can design an indoor modular playground within six hundred square feet that combines play elements for toddlers (16X16 area) and older kid’s. These indoor play systems are a true anchor activity for your facility at a value price.

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