Kid Powered Hand Cars

Healthy Fun in Small Spaces

Hand Car Rides have long been a tradition at over 400 amusement parks around the United States since the Hodges Hand Car emerged in the 1940s.  Kid Steam has redesigned the Kid Powered Hand Car experience from the track up.  Our Hand Cars are custom manufactured in the United States and available in Aluminum or Fiberglass bodies.  Our design team will also custom fabricate hand cars to match your brand or theme.  The kid powered hand car sets can be permanently or temporarily installed for businesses or home use.  Families today are looking for physical interactive children entertainment that is healthy, safe, safe for the environment(Green), exercises the body and imagination. Families are turning to the local family fun center (FEC), malls, backyard entertaining, festivals / picnics, and activity camps to provide affordable children entertainment.  Kid Steam is the industry leader in kid powered rides and playgrounds!

  • Standard and Custom Hand Pedal Cars
  • Easy Installation
  • Customizable Track Size and Shape
  • KidSteam can build custom hand car bodies to your specifications.
  • Sets available including tracks and hand cars
  • Railroad signs and accessories available
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