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KidSteam Foam Party Solution Difference

Safety First, Value, and Supplier Managed Inventory

Foam Liquid Solution for Foam Party Machines

Foam Solution that is Safe, Clean and Biodegradable
If you are getting into the foam party machine business be sure to purchase safe, biodegradable, hypo-allergenic foam solution manufactured with a professional shampoo-soap assembly line. KidSteam has our foam machine foam solution manufactured by a consumer products company. Our supplier uses sterile mixing, water and bottling lines to ensure a clean consistent foam solution product.

KidSteam FFoam Solution Safe for Kidsoam Solution Difference:

  • Professional manufactured and bottled
  • Foam Solution Product and Batch Tested
  • MSDS Sheets for Foam Solution
  • No fragrances – Color additives used in our Foam Solution
  • Fluid safe for Clothing
  • For Use with or without Goggles

Some foam solution manufacturers try to achieve higher profits by trying to manufacture foam solution themselves using make shift chemical processing lines.“In an Oil Drum Warehouse Environment”. KidSteam recommends that you ask these questions of your foam solution providers.

Beware of scented or colored foam fluid provided by some in the marketplace. This foam fluid may contain irritants that will effect some patrons.

KidSteam recommends using our solution but any professionally manufactured foam party fluid that has been manufactured in a clean environment and free of irritants will work.

Covered Head in Foam Party

If you buy our faom machine and use another manufacturers foam solution we do not void your warranty. Be advised that three factors will effect foam machine foam production:

  • amount of water coming through the machine
  • amount of solution suspended in the water
  • fan-motor speed

KidSteam provides value pricing so that you do not have to worry about the cost of using too much foam solution. Most foam machine issues are caused by using too little solution mixture. This foam solution mixture can change depending on which company you use for your foam solution. Just be aware that some manufacturers use more water and this will mean using more foam solution to get the same results. Also paying more for foam party foam solution does not mean that the solution is superior to others in the market, it may mean that you are just paying more. KidSteam produces the best foam solution with a combination of consistency, safety, and value.


Foam Party Equipment for SaleNever run out of foam fluid again or pay too much to have foam solution sent overnight for your foam party event. Kidsteam takes away all those worries with our vendor managed foam solution programs. Simply sign up for our foam solution program and never worry about the amount of foam solution you have again.

In addition, committing to a vendor managed inventory program for foam fluid means that you will get the benefit of all your seasons volume in your foam solution price. Do not pay more for a pay as you go foam fluid program with overnight shipping charges and added stress, call KidSteam today to discuss our innovative foam solution programs at 866.597.0656.

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