Foam Pits

Our foam pits make it easy to take your foam machine on the road. Most foam pits and foam machines can fit into a large car, SUV, or Pick-Up Truck for easy transport without requiring a trailer. KidSteam foam pits allow you to create a foam party anywhere in a few minutes with these light weight portable foam pits and foam machines. KidSteam foam pits available in a number of standard sizes(15ft foam pit, 20ft foam pit and 30ft foam pit diameter) in stock.

KidSteam foam pits made with ASTM tested and approved materials that meet NFPA 701 fire retardancy standards (for indoor use) and contain no harmful lead materials. Most foam pit sizes are carried in-stock in USA and Asia. Worldwide airfreight delivery available on all foam pits, foam solution, foam machines at an additional charge.

The KidSteam foam pit is designed for use with the Bubble Blaster 3000 foam machine. The  foam pit acts as the foam machine stand. No foam machine stands required in this configuration

At the foam machine foam party site, simply insert the foam machine into the foam pit and inflate the foam pit, connect a garden hose to the foam machine and turn it on.No foam machine stands required when using Bubble Blaster 3000 Foam Machine with Bubble Zone Foam Pit. Our bubble zone foam pits are the lightest and most portable in the foam party industry. Foam pits can be configured with or without foam pit floors.The foam pit doors may be printed with your logo at no extra charge.

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