Foam Equipment FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s) About Foam Machines, Foam Pits and Foam Parties
It’s easy, great fun and everyone loves foam bubbles and foam parties produced by foam party machines. Create that unique event that everyone will be talking about and remember for years. Foam party machines and foam pits create a great event for picture taking. Learn how today-See our FAQ’s below:

FAQ 1: What type of events are good for a foam party machines?

Child birthday parties, Day Camp Events, Day Care Events, block parties, church festival events, fundraising events, corporate events, university functions, and professional concert events. Everyone loves foam bubbles produced by foam party machines

FAQ 2: What do I need to produce a successfut foam party machine party for my business?

We recommend purchasing a bubble blaster 3000 foam party machine with water pump, trash can, foam party foam pit and 8 FREE gallons of foam solution.

FAQ 3: How difficult is it to operate a foam machine for a party?

If you have setup an inflatable bounce or slip and slide you should be able to operate a foam party machine. Preparations include the following steps below and should take approximately 15 minutes:

  • Site Selection (20X20) area for 15X15 foam pit
  • Access to water hose, electricity(extension cord, surge protector recommended), and 32 gl trash can
  • Plugs for foam machine, foam machine water pump, and foam pit blower.
  • Water hose and 32 gallon trash can
  • Outdoors: On grass preferred
  • Fill 32 gl trash can with water and add 1 liter of foam solution. Place near foam machine setup.
  • Attach sump pump to foam party machine via hose connection.
  • Insert Bubble Blaster foam party foam machine into foam pit and inflate foam pit. Surge protector should be placed at least 20 ft from foam machine and placed off the ground and away from the foam pit
  • Drop water pump into the 32 gallon trash can and turn on pump and foam party machine
  • Once the required foam height( not to exceed chest high for your guests) is reached you may turn off the pump(unplug or pull pump from water) and the foam machine(press on/off button).
  • As foam goes away turn on the foam party machine and the pump intermittently as needed.
  • Adult attendants required at all times to monitor water level(check for refill), children play area, foam height and foam pit operation

FAQ 4: Should I Rent or Buy a Foam Party Machine?

If you are an individual throwing a once a year special event you should rent from a LOCAL trusted birthday party rental company your foam party machine and foam party pit. KidSteam would be happy to direct you to one of our rental partners. If you have a local company that does your event but does not own the foam party machine equipment we would be happy to contact them directly to see how we can work together to make your event happen.

If you are a rental company, resort, city, or DJ Company it may make financial sense to purchase the foam party machine equipment. Foam party machines and foam party pits are portable and require very limited storage making it easy store when not in use.

FAQ 5: How can I ensure I never run out of foam party solution and make sure that my solution costs are affordable for large events?

Talk to us about our affordable foam solution inventory management plans that will ensure you never run out of solution for your business.

FAQ 6: Will I need any supplies for my foam party machine party not supplied by the local rental company?

It is important to use local trusted birthday party provider versus nationwide foam party rental companies. Local rental companies provide everything required. If you rent a machine delivered via mail you will need to provide the 32 gallon trash can, power strip, extension cord,and chain/tie-downs for hanging machine. We recommend that you rent from a local birthday party provider that offers KidSteam foam party foam equipment.

FAQ 7: Where should we hold the foam party machine party?

Outdoors on a grass surface is best. The foam will get a little slippery; if you are going to hold a foam party machine party on a hard surface we would recommend that children wear athletic shoes. Foam products have been used for decades at events; the safety record of foam party events exceeds that of inflatable bounces.

FAQ 8: How much do foam party machine parties cost?

Typically $125-$200 dollars an hour with a 2-4hr minimum. Rental rates depend on foam machine type, # of foam machines, amount of foam solution required and the number of foam machine attendants required. The cost per patron of a foam party is significantly lower than an inflatable or other amusement product(rock climbing walls). The capacity per hour can be as much as 10X greater than a rock climbing wall with only 10% of the investment.

FAQ 9: Who should I call to get a quote for a foam party machine?

Call KidSteam at 1.866.597.0656. We will attempt to find a local qualified birthday party events rental company for your event.

If you have a local company that does your event but does not own the foam party machine equipment we would be happy to contact them directly to see how we can work together to make your event happen.

FAQ 10: Why should my company invest in foam party foam machine equipment versus other attractions:

-Price -Foam machine packages are a less investment than a 5 in 1 combo unit

-Differentiate your business with foam party machines that can also be used with existing inflatable equipment.

-No special equipment required to carry or transport foam party machine equipment

-Achieve more revenue per drop off with foam party machines- Allow you to create additional revenue streams for your other wet assets(slides and slip and slides)

-Foam machine equipment and foam pits have much more capacity than inflatables- Foam products have up to 3 times the hourly capacity of comparable inflatables. 10 times the capacity of Rock Climbing Walls at 10% of the investment


FAQ 11: Will guests get wet at the foam party? Will the foam solution harm kids, clothes, pets or landscaping?

Yes the kids will get wet, but not as wet as a slip and slide, wet slide or a pool. The foam solution will not harm kids. The foam solution is biodegradable, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic it will not harm skin, clothes, pets or lawns. Kidsteam can provide MSDS safety sheets and test reports. Be sure you purchase from a professional products company and not someone mixing in a garage or warehouse.

FAQ 12: Can foam machines be used with other inflatables (bounces, slides, slip and slides)?

Yes, foam machines make a great addition to the traditional combination bounce house. Use with a dry or wet slide and create a great added attraction. Care should be taken with entering and exiting bounces once they become wet. An adult attendant should be present at all times to monitor playing

FAQ 13: Can I use indoors and will it harm floors?

Many foam parties at night clubs and universities are produced indoors. We recommend that you get the advice of a professional event specialist and people familiar with commercial flooring and interiors prior to producing an indoor event.

We have had several customers that have produced foam events within malls, we can put you in touch with these customers to discuss how these are executed

FAQ 14: How messy is a foam party?

Fill a 32 gallon trash can with water and add 1 liter of foam solution (1-3% solution to amount of water). Our foam machines use about 3.2 gallons of water to fill a 15X15X4(10% of the 32 gallons. Trash can will fill foam pit 7-10 times). Depending on whether your location is arid or humid, a large amount of the water is lost through evaporation as the foam goes away. After the party the foam solution will leave a chalky residue that will dry into a powder and blow away or can be rinsed away with a water hose.

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