Train Specifications & Options

Choose Your Own Colors

Our amusement park grade fiberglass construction allows us to produce a train to your color specifications. Determine the color scheme that works best for your application and we will have it delivered within eight weeks. Most rides in the amusement industry are constructed of fiberglass due to its durability, length of useful life and ease maintenance. The process is more expensive and superior to using wood. KidSteam offers a wood version produced for customers within less demanding amusements environments at a more affordable cost.

Pick your colors – 1 main color and up to two accent colors at no extra charge

Superior Turn Radius and Ease of Operation

KidSteam Trackless Train turn radius is less than 16 ft making it perfect for malls and street festivals.
The trackless train driving controls (steering, braking, emergency brake) are similar to an automobile making it easy to learn how to drive our trackless trains

The controls for the standard features: foreward/reverse, blinkers, horn and light are intuitive and thoughfully designed

Superior Fiberglass Construction

KidSteam Electric Trackless Train Specifications

Mall Train Pergula.jpgModel: KS48V-1A

Passenger Capacity: 28

Consists of:
1 trackless train loco
1 coal tender
2 passenger coaches
1 caboose coach

Passenger Capacity:
approximately 28 children
Length: 34.5ft (10,500 mm)

Width: 3.5ft (1060 mm)
Height: 6.3ft (1920 mm)
Turning RadiusApprox. 16ft (4.9m)
Weight Empty2,976 lbs (1350Kg)

KS48V-01A Trackless Train Locomotive:

Max. Speed (Full load): 4.8 mph (8 km/h)

Loco low shot near Coal in Back

Length: 9.9ft (3000 mm)
Width: 3.5ft (1060 mm)
Height: 6.3ft (1920 mm)
Weight: 1433lbs (650kg)

Motor Power: 3Kw/4.1Hp
Battery Set: 24 2V traction batteries
275 Ah @ 20 hrs. 25A output
Charger: 48 V /45A full automatic AT-BC
Recharge: 8 to 10 hours
Range: Approx. 50 miles (80Km)
Electric Control System: CURTIS 48V 275A
Tires: 4.80 /4.0-8
Driving Brake: Dual-Circuit Hydraulic System
Parking Brake: Manual Central Mechanical Brake
Steering: Mechanical
Type of Towing: US Class 1
Gear style: Stepless timing
Turning Radius: Approx. 16ft (4.9m)

Trackless Train Passenger Coach:

Maximum Speed (Full load): 4.8 mph (8 km/h)

High shot black carTrackless Train Coal Tender

Length: 4.7ft (1440 mm)
Width: 3.2ft (960 mm)
Height: 3.6ft (1105 mm)

Passenger Coach

Length: 4.7ft (1480 mm)
Width: 3.0ft (920 mm)
Height: 5.6ft (1705 mm)

Trackless Train Caboose

Length: 5.1ft (1560 mm)
Width: 3.0ft (920 mm)
Height: 5.8ft (1755 mm)

Weight: Four coach total: 1543lbs (700Kg )
Maximum Load (per coach): 463lbs (210Kg)
Maximum Load (4 coaches): 1851lbs (840kg)
Tires: 4.10 /3.50 
Passenger Capacity: Approx. 28 patrons.
Turning Radius: Approx. 16ft (5.5m)

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