Trackless Trains FAQ

Q.1 Are electric trackless trains safe?

Yes, electric trackless trains commercially manufactured are built to international safety standards. Most gas powered trains (powered by lawn mowers) are not manufactured to any safety standards. Ask for electric; “Be Safe and Green”

Q.2 What events are good for renting a electric trackless train?

Birthday parties, Block Parties, Private Parties, Corporate Parties, Outdoor Festival Events, Parades, School and Church Events, Indoor Conventions, Grand Opening Events, Holiday Events, Sporting Events, Zoos, Museums, and Botanical Gardens.

Q.3 Electric Trackless Train Rental Cost?

Rental rates vary widely based on location,length of event and size of train. Birthday parties typically start at $225 dollars and go up based on time. Festival, Corporate and Church events start at $500 dollars for a half day and may go up to $1,500 a day. The cost per patron spent for large events is very low.

Q.4 Can I rent an electric trackless train for long periods of time?

Yes, many rental companies offer lease programs or you may contact KidSteam directly for information

Q.5 Can we charge for electric trackless train rides?

Yes, customers regularly get between $3-$4 a ride per rider

Q.6 Where/Who can you operate the electric trackless train?

Operate on flat surface, asphalt, paved surfaces, grass, and most residential streets, parks and shopping malls. Do not operate on grades greater than four percent. Must have at least 18ft turning radius. Must be operated by trained driver

Q.7 What is the capacity of the electric trackless train?

Most trains hold between 24-30 patrons a ride. Hourly capacity can range between 200-300 an hour

Q.8 How old should patrons be to ride the electric trackless train?

All ages can ride. Recommended min. height requirement for children riding without an adult 30”. Rental company policies may vary

Q.9 How much space must I have to operate the electric trackless train ride?

The minimum amount of space to operate is approximately 30ft by 100ft

Q.10 What should I ask the electric trackless train rental company prior to renting?

Ask for Certificate of Insurance, Commercial Manufacturer, Engine Type (Gas/Electric), Operating Procedures/Daily Safety Checklist

Q.11 Are electric trackless trains noisy?

Electric trains are quite and carbon neutral (no pollution) and come with train noises (bells, sound system and sometimes smoke). Most gas-powered trains are noisy; built from riding lawn mowers, generate toxic emissions and should not be operated indoors

Q.12 Can I operate an electric trackless train indoors?

Yes, if it is an electric trackless train. Most trains are not electric they are gasoline, noisy and pollute a great deal so request electric.

Q.13 How fast do electric trackless trains go?

Most travel between 3 and 8 MPH. Licensed operator should base speed on weather conditions, route and crowd conditions.

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