Commercial Indoor Playground Equipment

Do you value child’s play? Is it important for your business to allow children to run around on a playground to keep their energy and spirits high? KidSteam isn’t just here to help sell you affordable playground equipment — it’s our mission to help kids play in a safe, controlled environment.

At KidSteam, we focus on producing the best and safest customized commercial indoor playgrounds for medical buildings, churches, businesses, and family centers, just to name a few. Our systems can adhere to any space and any budget, so there is definitely something out there for you!

In fact, KidSteam is an international leader of the strictest safety standards for indoor playground equipment. As a U.S. based company that designs, manufactures, and installs the world’s best commercial indoor playground equipment for sale in venues around the world, to us, child’s play is child’s play.

How Our Commercial Indoor Playground Equipment Works

When you choose to work with KidSteam, you’re choosing the ability to customize the perfect commercial indoor playground equipment that perfectly fits your needs. When you sign on to work with us, you first will choose your desired playground location. From there, you’ll be able to pick the color, style, shapes, and sizes of your new jungle gym. Our jungle gyms are customizable from the slides you choose all the way down to the color of the piping. We want to make sure that this is your own playground and no one else’s. We will also work hard to ensure that your new jungle gym is as safe as humanly possible for kids of all ages.

After everything is said and done, the process will be ready in about four weeks. We pride ourselves in being quick and efficient. Now, just because your playground will be ready so quickly, that doesn’t mean we’re sacrificing attention to detail or safety. Both of those things are extremely important to us here at KidSteam!

Why Choose Us for Commercial Indoor Play Structures?

Here at KidSteam, we don’t just offer your generic jungle gym attractions. We offer much, much more than that. Along with our traditional playground products such as slides and climbing equipment, we can also hook you up with your very own basketball court, electric-trackless trains, foam ball shooters, and kid-powered hand car rides. Just as importantly, we can ensure that large indoor playgrounds are surrounded with always dependable, always child safe netting to keep kids safe. When parents see the giant, colorful playground at your church, doctor’s office, daycare, or business, they’ll be every bit as excited as their kids.

We love the fact that children have the ability to play, and we want to make their experience the best. Interested in any of our indoor playground equipment? Reach out to the team at KidSteam today with any questions on our commercial indoor playground equipment for sale and to set up your very own play place!

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